Deer Ridge HOA And First Amendment Lawsuits Favorably Settled – And Other Updates And Info

Deer Ridge Board Acknowledges That I Was Right All Along!

After nearly eight years of denial that my claims were valid, the Board of Directors of Gatlinburg Golf And Racquet Club ( GGRC ) at Deer Ridge Mountain Resort acknowledged in their Board of Directors meeting that I was right all along!  Here’s a quote from their official minutes:

“Review of Master Deed & By-Laws:  ‘Board Member A’ has been reviewing the existing Master Deed and By-Laws. Discussion ensued about the number of votes per condo and the allocation of monthly assessments per condo, as well as other topics.Sales Contract = Property Rights - Even At Deer Ridge Mountain Resort

One day of the next Board Meeting in November will be committed to this very important issue. Board Member A will present a document of proposed changes. since they were called in to question during the Goodman legal proceedings.

It is agreed that there are inconsistencies throughout the document. 

‘Board Member B’  will present various financial scenarios if changes are made. Changes will be discussed and approved first by the Board, and then given to our corporate attorney for review. From there, amendments would be presented at the Annual Owner’s Meeting for approval.

An amendment to the Master Deed would require a 75% vote of approval.”

While they may have not come right out and said that I was correct on all aspects of my multiple complaints about violations of the GGRC Master Deed and Bylaws, I believe that it is very clear when you read between the lines that they knew I was right all along.

Warning To All Current Owners of Condominiums at
Deer Ridge Mountain Resort

While I no longer have a “a dog in your fight,” I still worry about the owners at Deer Ridge being potentially victimized by the Board of Directors as a result of the Board’s possible slanted and illegitimate interpretations of the Master Deed and Bylaws.

For example, based on the above board minutes acknowledging that I was right all along, they imply that they can make any changes to the Master Deed and Bylaws with a simple 75% vote.100% Vote Required For Certain GGRC Master Deed and Bylaw Amendments At Deer Ridge Mountain Resort

Based on many discussions with my attorney, this is very probably incorrect.

They cannot, for example, change the property rights of owners – and this includes changing the Master Deed Percentages of any owners from what is in the Master Deed and Bylaws – without a 100% vote of all owners!

I believe that this is a massive and pivotal misinterpretation that they are going to attempt to get approved at the annual meeting in April.

Likewise, their approach on approval to convert the Deer Ridge Game Room to the Deer Ridge “Lobby Lounge.” is equally ridiculous in my personal opinion. The ballot that was sent out recently to all Deer Ridge owners makes the declarative statement in big bold letters, “A non-vote will be considered a “Yes” vote.”

Folks, that is NOT the way the Deer Ridge Master Deed and Bylaws are written. The board is required to accumulate REAL “Yes” votes and not default “Yes” votes!

This entire vote, again in my opinion, is yet another direct and intentional violation of the GGRC Master Deed and Bylaws.

As I said, I no longer have a “a dog in your fight.” It is now up to you, the current owners, to demand that your board of directors comply with the governing documents of Deer Ridge Mountain Resort.

Best of luck! 

Deer Ridge HOA And First Amendment Lawsuits Favorably Settled At Eleventh Hour

I am pleased to announce that all the Deer Ridge HOA and First Amendment lawsuits in which I was involved were favorably settled between all parties a few days before the scheduled trial on April 17, 2013.

Settlement Agreement - All Smiles

While the confidentiality agreement clause prohibits me from disclosing the price and 

terms of the settlement with the general public, I did successfully negotiate the right to provide full disclosure to any and all past or current owners of condominiums at Deer Ridge Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

The full disclosure site is password protected and will require you to e-mail me a request for the password after providing sufficient information to prove that you are a past or current owner.If you are a past or current owner, please click  Full Disclosure  to find out all the details of the settlement.

Once proof is provided, I will e-mail you the secret password so that you can access the confidential information.

We Have Moved!

We have now sold our condo at Deer Ridge and moved. We are pleased to say that we have exchanged our balcony view of the mountains for this view of the Gulf of Mexico from our new balcony:

Our New Balcony View Of The Gulf Of Mexico
Our New Balcony View Of The Gulf Of Mexico

Domains For Sale

As a result of successfully settling all litigation and moving back home to Florida to enjoy the beach, we have the following eight domain names for sale:

  4. DeerRidgeCondo.comDeer Ridge And Cobbly Nob Domains For Sale

I prefer to sell these as a package but may consider selling individual domains.  If interested please click Contact Me with your offer.

Benefits of Owning These Internet Real Estate Properties

  • Control these domain names to benefit your organization, personal goals or company.
  • Prevent competitors from controlling and using these domain names.
  • Control these domain names as an individual owner at Deer Ridge and continue the fight that we started.
  • Prevent a sole property owner from controlling these domain names and developing a blog that may be detrimental to your organization.
  • Point existing traffic from the sites to other sites for monetization.
  • was awarded Top 10 Webcams by Earthcam – Ideal for using for new webcam for area real estate and management companies.

  • Popular videos on the DeerRidgeOwners YouTube Channel with links back to and
  • These are all aged domains which makes them easier to SEO than new domain names.
  • Get your bids in early – sale may terminate at our sole discretion without notice to other bidders as soon as we select a winner.
  • The highest bidder will get to secure these GREAT domains.
  • Price and terms subject to change without notice to anybody.

These domains are being offered to any and all interested parties and we are currently accepting offers.

Email me by clicking   Contact Us   to submit your best offer for all eight of these great domains!

Please click  Full Disclosure  to find out all the details of the settlement.


Be sure and check out our other HOA site:   HOA Board Abuse   for up to date info on the battle to give homeowners ALL of the HOA rights they deserve!


Deer Ridge Owners

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